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Young Women Values Card Set

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  • Young Women Values Card Set

    3x4.5 inch - 8 Young Women value cards exemplified by women in the scriptures plus a "Standing as Witnesses of God" general YW theme card. The pack comes with10 cards altogether including the cover sheet.

    Front of each Card:

    - A beautiful depiction of a woman heroine from the scriptures.

    - Below the picture is printed the value represented by that heroine.

    -Scripture reference to the story


    Back of each Card:

    - Value Color

    - Value Name

    - Value Scripture

    - Value Motto


    Women Represented:

    Faith - Hannah

    Divine Nature - Emma Smith

    Individual Worth - Rebekah

    Knowledge - Mothers of the Stripling Warriors

    Choice and Accountability - Daughters in the Wilderness

    Good Works - Ruth

    Integrity - Esther

    Virtue - Mary

    General Theme Card - We are daughters . . .

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